Lucy was amazing! Why? Her demeanor, voice, presence was calming, neutral & soothing. 1000% professional Perfect impartiality, listened to the big picture, answered every question I had, found an error in the 1st combined support worksheet & corrected it, calmly explained the other spouse’s wishes to not seem like demands. For spousal intimidation purposes, we sat in 2 different rooms & poor Lucy had to go back & forth & was so considerate & accommodating. There is a “zen” of going thru mediation with Lucy that is the opposite of the court hearing. – A.C.-Burke, VA

Highly recommend mediation to anyone going through family issues. The process was very helpful and Lucy was incredibly helpful and positive.
H.Y.-Fairfax, VA

I believe the mediator did an excellent job of explaining the process which made us comfortable talking to her with open heart and shared what would be the best interest of our children – thank you for making this easy for us. Excellent attitude. – R.E.–Doha, Qatar

It helped me and my ex-husband talk after 3 years of not having a conversation. Thank you for being objective and supporting a calm and peaceful mediation. Even if we don’t talk moving forward, today was a success.K.G.-Ashburn, VA

Mediation has helped me modify my parenting time without having to hire an attorney or see the judge & also practice some skills on how to co-parent & learn to resolve our issues by talking.I.A.-Woodbridge, VA

Lucy was great and made the session very comfortable.A.R.-Springfield, VA

Ms. Nichols was very helpful and knowledgeable. She also listened to both sides and helped us resolve our issues. – D.W.-Alexandria, VA

Lucy was very nice and helpful and concerned. – T.W.-Washington, D.C.

Ms. Nichols did an excellent job with the mediation, no complaints whatsoever! – J.P.-Sterling, VA

Lucy is amazing and helped with all of our issues easily. I love her personality. – N.P.-Fredericksburg, VA

Lucy is amazing and made this process smooth and stress free! – K.C.-Alexandria, VA

Everything was great and happy with the results. Thank you! – L.R.-Gainesville, VA

It’s a great way to negotiate issues. – J.H.-Triangle, VA

I feel more at ease and was heard. – B.B.-Fort Belvoir, VA

Lucy was amazing and she did a great job mediating. – H.S.-Fairfax, VA

She is really helpful and neutral. – A.W.-Falls Church, VA

Mediator did a great job. – M.P.–Laurel, MD

I can’t thank her enough. She is very, very good. – F.B.–Centreville, VA

She was very helpful. – B.G.–Sterling, VA

She was very mutual and helpful and also super sweet. – W.M.-Lorton, VA

Helped out a lot, made it easier to talk about difficult things. She was very respectful. Thanks for the help! – S.D.–Woodbridge, VA

Mediator was very professional at her job. She was very neutral and put her input in our case when needed. Mediation was very necessary and helped a lot in coming to a conclusion. – R.H.-Annandale, VA

She was awesome and very helpful. Very helpful. Amazing lady and explained everything and made sense. We understand everything before moving on. – V.M.-Annandale, VA

Very understanding and helpful. – B.C.-Springfield, VA

It is a great concept to keep issues out of trial that could be resolved in mediation. – N.L.-Lorton, VA

Great job at helping us work through the issues at hand. – S.S.-Dumfries, VA

Thank you! Everyone was very helpful and professional. – F.S.- Fairfax, VA

Thank you for explaining everything to me. – C.G.-Northport, FL

I found the mediation process very helpful and productive. – L.M.-Stafford, VA

Very rich information to think about and going forward. – R.R.-Falls Church, VA

Mediation was a good starting point and a good source of information. – R.R.-Falls Church, VA

Great mediation process. I believe it helped tremendously with the situation presented. – D.A.-Arlington, VA

Very informative and helpful. – M.G.-Fairfax, VA

Ms. Nichols was very professional and fair. The experience was quite smooth and pleasant. – G.S.-Burke, VA

Ms. Nichols did a great job- welcoming and inviting. Very helpful. – J.L.-Centreville, VA

She is very helpful & understanding. It’s great that she has a legal background, that’s a huge plus! – M.M.- Annandale, VA

She was really helpful. – J.L.-Burke, VA

Lucy Nichols was very helpful & easy to talk with. Was very happy to have her as a mediator. – S.B.-Centreville, VA

Lucy was very respectful and especially knowledgeable with the process. – C.S.-Woodbridge, VA

Very helpful and informative. – A.B.-Fairfax, VA

We came to a temporary agreement and the entire process was effective. – E.C.-Chantilly, VA

Mediator was very informative, knowledgeable and professional & impartial and respectful in conducting the mediation. Felt very comfortable working and discussing matters with regards to custody. – M.J.-Centreville, VA

Excellent resource. – H.M.-Bristow, VA

Made it a comfortable environment. – M.P.-Fairfax Station, VA

She was very understanding and very helpful in getting our issues resolved. – C.G.

Mediators are both nice, knowledgeable and was able to resolve the issue. – J.B.-Bethesda, MD

It wasn’t even close to being as stressful as I thought. Very straightforward & feel pleased & satisfied. Very helpful & mediators were wonderful. – E.R.-Reston, VA

Very professional. – W.R.-Reston, VA

Very nice lady, very helpful. – R.M.-Remington, VA

Great job from Lucy. Thank you! Everything was smooth & somewhat quick. Overall very satisfied. – M.E.-Springfield, VA

Ms. Nichols, Lucy, was highly professional, very nice. She walked me through the process of mediation and explained everything. Thank you. – N.K.-Alexandria, VA

The mediator helped facilitate an agreement in a clear and helpful manner. – S.G.-Bladensburg, MD

I think the mediator was great! She was a great listener, and informative. I would love to mediate & recommend her to others. – C.W.-Alexandria, VA

Lucy was very informative and put all our concerns at ease. – D.H.-Alexandria, VA

Lucy was very positive and upbeat; she made the process clear and feel less awkward than I thought it would be. – J.N.-Alexandria, VA

Ms. Lucy was awesome. Friendly, happy, informative. – M.M.-Alexandria, VA

She was very clear and helpful with any and all explanations and was very supportive. Absolute wonder. Very clear and considerate. Took all info I had shared and retained it to continue on if we had questions. Recommended. – J.Y.-Hyattsville, VA

Very open and comfortable, she was extremely helpful. – K.W.-Lorton, VA

Lucy was incredibly professional and resourceful with information. – S.R.-Vienna, VA

Lucy was very compassionate, understanding and helpful. Very happy about today’s turnout. Mediation was extremely helpful. – K.P.-Herndon, VA

She was very helpful. – A.J.-Alexandria, VA

Lucy was very nice, understanding of how both parties felt. Thank you for everything! – A.C.-Frederick, MD

Very helpful. – S.A.-Alexandria, VA

I strongly recommend to other people to take the mediation. It’s going to help a lot. – W.P.-Woodbridge, VA

She was wonderful! – S.P.-Springfield, VA

She was great. – S.B.-Springfield, VA

Lucy was a wonderful mediator and although we didn’t come to an agreement it was nice working with her. – M.W.-Herndon, VA

I love her. Impressive. – V.M.-Elgin, SC

Great Job. Lucy was amazing. Was a great experience! – J.K.-Falls Church, VA

It was a great way to talk things out. – H.G.-Springfield, VA

It was good to have an understanding for a child’s well-being. I believe Lucy was the right person for us. She offered great advice! – R.C.-Annandale, VA

Lucy is very good at listening and helping both parties stay on task.–  S.W.-Herndon, VA

This was very helpful. – D.H.-Alexandria, VA

Was helpful and explained clearly. – N.G.-Alexandria, VA

She was wonderful. Very helpful. – M.H.-Lorton, VA

Lucy was/is a good mediator. Would recommend her to anyone. – L.V.-Springfield, VA

Lucy was great! Thank you for your help! – J.R.

Was very helpful, friendly & very nice. – H.F.-Manassas, VA

Lucy was very clear & straightforward & made sure everyone was heard. – E.S.-Fairfax, VA

She’s very knowledgeable and very fair! – R.H.-Kansas City, MO

She was helpful in every way. – D.Q.-Falls Church, VA

Lucy was a great help. Great personality, very honest and respectful. Thank you! – L.R.-Annandale, VA

It will be very helpful for parents. – E.C.-Springfield, VA

Very helpful to a lot of parents. – L.M.-Springfield, VA

She was very nice and really helped us solve the problems we had. – D.A.-Alexandria, VA

Lucy was very patient and let us talk out our problems and we were able to come to an agreement. Thanks Lucy! – J.W.-Alexandria, VA

Very helpful and patient. – M.W.-Lorton, VA

It was very helpful. I am very happy with the patience and professionalism. – M.T.-Lorton, VA

Accommodations were made to provide fair mediation to both parties. Mediator was fair and neutral, did an excellent job. Thank you for your time. – C.K.-Alexandria, VA

Best fair balanced experience. – P.L.-Chantilly, VA

It was excellent. God Bless you guys. – A.M.-Chantilly, VA

She is very good. Look forward to see her for a second time- it was very helpful. – K.J.-Alexandria, VA

Very friendly & relatable- the process was efficient & painless. Thank you Lucy! – K.E.-Fort Belvoir, VA

My daughter’s father & I did have joint legal custody. I did not have a plan that works for both parents and children’s best interest. Now we have a plan established. I feel better about that. – M.B.-Lorton, VA

Very helpful and pleasant experience. This appears to be a very expedient way to resolve family issues and Lucy was extremely positive throughout. – M.E.-Fort Belvoir, VA

The mediator & mediation process was extremely helpful & informative. I would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to resolve an issue prior to appearing in court. – A.V.-Alexandria, VA

Mediator was very kind and did a great job. – M.R.-Alexandria, VA

She makes it easy for us. – E.A.-Alexandria, VA

Ms. Nichols went above & beyond to assist and help determine what worked best for us. Amazing service. – E.T.-Reston, VA

This was great, very helpful. – R.G.-Sterling, VA

Very well directed, very well guided. Very well. The mediator was very successful and helpful. – G.G.-Leesburg, VA

She was amazing. At least we had some communication. Hopefully this can begin better communication. – R.C.-Amissville, VA

She was very helpful, would recommend Ms. Nichols as a mediator. – E.G.-Reston, VA

Lucy was an amazing mediator, explained & helped us. Resolved some of our issues. – C.M.-Sterling, VA

Ms. Lucy was extremely helpful & gracious to both my husband and I. She was very effective in getting both my husband & I to see each other’s perspective. – R.M.-Lorton, VA

I appreciate my mediator being neutral to the case at hand. It was very helpful to have a neutral party to mediate. I appreciate the opportunity I was given to have an open form of communication with the other party since our court case. – J.H.-Chantilly, VA

Very thorough and fair. Answered all questions. – J.T.-Vienna, VA

I feel that it is very helpful. I felt that I was able to speak without being interrupted. I feel that we were able to come to some sort of resolution. – T.W.-Alexandria, VA

Lucy did an excellent job. Pleasant, respectful, easy to talk to. – N.C.-Centreville, VA

Well done and awesome! She was excellent! – A.S.-Lorton, VA

Lucy was very kind and patient. She was very informative! Mediation process was well executed and all areas were covered and resolved in a timely manner. – K.P.-Burke, VA

It was very useful & informative although we were not able to reach a resolution. Ms. Nichols is a wonderful & patient professional. Thank you for listening! – T.M.-Alexandria, VA

Very understanding & listener. Thank you. – R.L.-Arlington, VA

Professional, helpful and respectfully. I would definitely recommend mediation. Lucy does a great job. – B.V.-Alexandria, VA

Lucy was great, straightforward & understanding. – B.A.-Sterling, VA

I liked the information on how co-parenting really affects the child in and out of the home! – T.H.-Lorton, VA

Mediators were fair & professional. – T.S.-Reston, VA

Mediators were great- keeping the room calm despite me becoming agitated. Thank you. R.S.-Fairfax, VA

Very knowledgeable, easy to speak with. I felt very comfortable and at ease with the process. Lucy was very professional and kind. – S.B.-Lorton, VA

She was incredibly informative and helpful to our case. She made the process comfortable and easy and was incredibly professional. – J.L.-Lorton, VA

Lucy was great! I appreciated her unbiased help. – H.B.-Fort Leavenworth, KS

Ms. Nichols is a very understanding mediator.  – J.G.-Fairfax, VA

Lucy Nichols is a great impartial mediator. I felt confident I was in good hands. – S.T.-Sterling, VA

She was very clear and neutral. – T.H.-London

Very helpful in having a conversation that was long overdue. – K.H.-Dumfries, VA

Ms. Nichols was by far the best mediator we’ve seen so far! I’d recommend her to anyone. – K.D.-Fairfax, VA

Very helpful. Would use again. She was great. Best one yet. – D.O.-Woodbridge, VA

Ms. Nichols was very helpful, took her time to explain everything and help us to get our solution solved. Really great mediator. Huge help. – C.G.

Lucy created an environment that promoted honesty, trust & open communication. This was all very necessary & appreciated in the mediation process. – J.S.-Falls Church, VA

She was great! – S.A.-Reston, VA

It was very understandable, clear, respectful and helpful. – J.R.-Reston, VA

Thank you for absolutely everything. – K.L.-Annandale, VA

Ms. Nichols is very knowledgeable and helpful. Very helpful, learned a lot. – N.K.-Lorton, VA

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