Conflict keeps us stuck in a negative place, unable to move forward and live a healthy, joyful life.  It arises when emotions are raw, communications break down, and these unhealthy patterns just continue replaying within a family until something changes.  Mediation can bring about this change.

Mediation services can work for many types of families and situations, including:

Intact Couples/Families


Reconciling Couples/Families


Separating or Divorcing Couples/Families


Parenting Decisions/Parenting Plans


Blended Families/Remarriage


Traditional/Non-Traditional Families


Adult Children and Aging Parents


Legal Proceedings/Adversarial Negotiations


Christian Conciliation Services

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If you are interested in learning more about mediation and if it can help your family, I offer a free phone consultation.  Please complete the form below or call me at (571) 512-2526.

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